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An integrated suite of proprietary technology, custom services, and nanomedicine expertise to empower our clients to create transformative medicines that significantly improve human well being. 

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An integrated suite of products, services and expertise to support you through every stage.

Stage 1


Formulation Development




We can help develop and optimize your nanoparticle’s physicochemical properties and biological activity. Let us help you identify critical quality attributes and draft drug product specifications. Our team can also help develop custom analytical methods for your nanoparticle formulations and raw materials.

Stage 2


Process Development

(Blaze System)



The Blaze System is next used either at PNI or installed at your site to develop and establish the process parameters for preparing your nanoparticle formulations. This development work is performed at an intermediate scale, to conserve your valuable therapeutic agents. We can also assist with optimizing the downstream processing steps of your products, such as Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) and Sterile Filtration.

Stage 3

Process Translation to GMP System

gmp system1-2

The Clinical Solutions team can configure a GMP NanoAssemblr® System to meet your requirements. Formulations are translated from the Blaze to the GMP System confirming equivalency with demonstration batches. We can also assist with preparing and testing batches to support GLP-Tox studies.

Stage 4

Technology Transfer to GMP Drug Product Facility


We can help you transfer equipment, materials and analytical methods to your GMP manufacturing site along with the required documentation. We can also assist with the Qualification of the GMP NanoAssemblr® System, provide on-site training and prepare product-specific GMP Master Batch Records.

Stage 5

CMC Support for GMP Manufacturing


PNI can support your Chemistry Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) needs by providing oversight for the manufacture and testing of your Engineering & GMP batches.

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NanoAssemblrⓇ Systems: Path to the Clinic

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Quality Management System

Every customer and project is unique, requiring a tailored approach with an eye for quality and efficiency. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring our collective knowledge and expertise in Quality Management to all of our partners. PNI has developed a Quality Management System (QMS) that aligns with the requirements of 21 CFR Parts 210 and 211 such that PNI’s customers receive Scale-Up system components that are in full compliance for cGMP manufacturing.

Clinical Partners


  • "As an Evonik affiliate specialized in liposomal drug delivery systems, we are pleased to offer our clients access to the NanoAssemblr GMP System, which will aid in the translation of drug candidates to clinical testing and ideally to commercial use." 
    - Don Enns, Vice President of Evonik Vancouver Laboratories
  • "We are excited about this promising collaboration and hope that it will propel our work forward as the ncRNA Core Facility focuses on the non-coding RNA portions of the genome for [the] discovery of novel biomarkers and targets for therapeutics from human disease tissue and clinical trial specimens."
    - Frank Slack, Director of the Harvard Medical School Initiative for RNA Medicine (HIRM) at BIDMC
  • "Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services has audited the PNI facilities in Vancouver and has qualified PNI's NanoAssemblr® GMP System and its components. We are excited to work with PNI to offer their purpose-designed manufacturing technology and unique nanomedicine expertise to our clients for the manufacture of nanoparticle-based medicines" 
    - Kristin DeFife, Ph.D., Vice President and Head of US Operations of Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services

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July 01, 2020

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