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NanoAssemblr Ignite
Advance Novel Genetic Medicine Formulations

Genetic medicines have a wide design space that requires optimization to select a lead candidate. The Ignite is ideal for fine tuning process parameters and compositions for further scale up to the clinic.




Outstanding Reproducibility


Advanced microfluidics in an automated system removes batch-to-batch and user-to-user variability.



Scalable Technology


NxGen technology allows formulations to be rapidly scaled across the NanoAssemblr platform from 100 µL to 50 L.



Simple Workflow


Easy setup with touchscreen interface, saved recipes and a single-use fluid path enables a streamlined workflow.





Rapid Production

 Over 50 formulations can be completed in a day for rapid optimization with each run taking less than one minute.




Lipid, polymer or hybrid nanoparticles carrying small molecules, peptides or nucleic acids (and more) can be formulated on the Ignite.



Controlled Assembly


Particle sizes can be tuned with precise control over fluid flow rates.

Ignite Empowers Genetic Medicine Advancement



Learn more about Early Pre-clinical Development Level 1: RNA Vaccines. A focused virtual classroom and hands-on training to kick-start RNA-LNP vaccine development

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Quick and Easy to Use

The Ignite is simple to use and can be operated with little to no training. Formulations can be completed in under a minute and made on demand to quickly optimize experimental parameters.


Ignite 2020


Ignite Process Illustrations-01

Insert Cartridge

Ignite Process Illustrations-02Load Pre-filled Syringes
Ignite Process Illustrations-03Choose a Recipe
Ignite Process Illustrations-04Load Collection Tubes
Ignite Process Illustrations-05Start Formulation
Ignite Process Illustrations-06Collect Sample

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To learn how Precision NanoSystems accelerates nanomedicine development from an idea to clinical applications, contact a Scientific Specialists.

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Scale Formulations with NxGen Technology Across the NanoAssemblr Platform
Using the same microfluidic geometry, formulations are scalable across the NanoAssemblr® platform greatly reducing process and formulation redevelopment when changing scales. Lipid nanoparticles containing nucleic acids maintain identical size and PDI when scaled across the platform.
Nanoparticle Size at Every Scale
EE At Every Scale


Particle Size, polydispersity and hematocrit expression were consistent as production of mRNA-LNP was scaled using the NanoAssemblr platform.



Optimize Genetic Medicine Formulations
Rationally optimize your formulations by controlling process and chemical parameters like flow rate, concentration and charge. Quick formulation times allow for an efficient systematic approach to finding lead genetic medicine candidates.
Polymer Nanoparticles on Ignite
Ignite Liposomes TFR

Starting concentration, total flow rate and flow rate ratio parameters were varied, and 5 replicates were performed for each data point.


Enable Preclinical Experiments with Reproducible Formulations
Reproducibility across batches and users to enable critical preclinical experiments needed like small animal studies for genetic medicine development.
Reproducible PDI Ignite LNP
Encapsulation Efficiency Ignite
Mouse Study Ignite EPO data

Particle size and encapsulation efficiency were performed in 4 replicates. Protein expression (Epo) experiments performed to show in vivo efficacy of mRNA-LNP.


Advanced Technology for Advanced Nanomedicines

NxGen technology provides unparalleled control over nanoparticle assembly that is scalable from discovery to the clinic.




An aqueous phase and a miscible solvent containing dissolved nanoparticle precursors are injected into each inlet of the NanoAssemblr cartridge





Under laminar flow, the two phases do not immediately mix



Microscopic features engineered into the channel reproducibly control the mixing of the two streams





Rapid, controlled, homogenous mixing produces homogeneous nanoparticles

Videos and Demonstrations


Ignite Demo with GenVoy Training Kit


Ignite Informational Presentation


GenVoy Ignite Demo

Accessories and Reagents

The Ignite has accessories and reagents available to expand the formulation capabilities and empower users to advance their genetic medicine.
Heating Insert

Heating Package


The heating package empowers users to heat and keep their formulations in syringes at temperature when operating the Ignite.

Genvoy ILM with Dye - 2mL



GenVoy-ILM is an off-the-shelf, research use only reagent that lowers the barriers the genetic medicine development that can be used on the Ignite.




NanoAssemblr Ignite cartridges feature exclusive NxGen microfluidic technology that allows future scale up through a single mixer from ml/min to L/h.

Single Use Cartridges




No priming or cleaning required for an efficient workflow. Ignite cartridges are compatible with a wide range of solvents to make a diverse array of nanomedicine formulations. 



Automatic Inline Dilution 


Ignite Dilution Cartridge


Automated in-line dilution allows modelling of the processes that will be required for future GMP production of nanoparticles.


The NanoAssemblr® Ignite™ system is designed with the end in mind, designed for the future and designed to maximize time.







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