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August 11, 2021 — Precision NanoSystems sets time and place to open new Genetic Medicine GMP Biomanufacturing Centre in Vancouver, BC Learn More
We are pleased to announce that Precision NanoSystems (PNI) is joining the Danaher Life Sciences platform.
Together with Pall Corporation and Cytiva, we will further enable development of transformative medicines that improve the lives of patients. PNI, Cytiva, and Pall Corporation offer complementary portfolios from equipment and consumables through to fully flexible manufacturing solutions, designed for the manufacturing of genetic medicine-based therapies from discovery to commercial production. For more information, see the full press release.
Empowering Researchers to Develop Genetic Medicines
Genetic Medicine Toolkit

Precision NanoSystems’ Genetic Medicine Toolkit comprises proprietary lipid nanoparticle and microfluidic manufacturing platforms supported by comprehensive expertise to enable researchers to translate disease biology insights into non-viral genetic medicines.

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    Disease Target
    Biology insights can identify target gene(s) driving disease
Genetic Medicine Toolkit
From Idea to Approved Medicine 

Workflows use the Genetic Medicine Toolkit for the rapid and cost-effective development of non-viral based vaccines, cell therapies and gene therapies. These therapeutic modalities have broad application in the prevention and treatment of diseases including infectious disease, rare disease and cancer.

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mRNA & DNA-based vaccines Prophylactic & therapeutic
Infectious Disease & Oncology
Population-based to individualized
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Silence, express, or edit genes
Focus on rare disease
Population-based to individualized
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Immune cells including T-Cells
Focus on oncology
Autologous & allogeneic
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Flexible Access to the Toolkit and Workflows

Use the NanoAssemblr Manufacturing platform and the GenVoy Delivery platform from the Genetic Medicine Toolkit in your laboratories. Our global team is available for onsite support.


Precision has an experienced team dedicated to development of genetic medicines on behalf of our partners. Our team uses the Genetic Medicine Toolkit and Workflows to develop vaccines, gene therapies and cell therapies from idea to commercial product.

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