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Early Preclinical L1 RNA Vaccines Fundamentals Online
Early Preclinical Level 1: RNA Vaccines Fundamentals

A convenient, self-paced program providing an intuitive molecular-level understanding of self-assembly, microfluidic mixing, PNI's 4 pillars of a successful RNA vaccine and considerations for optimizing RNA-LNP formulations, with examples and case-studies.





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Ignite Screen
Early Preclinical Level 1: RNA Vaccines Practical

By request, live hands-on training through the entire preclinical RNA-LNP formulation workflow including calculations, NanoAssemblr® Ignite™ operation, RNA-LNP formulation with GenVoy-ILM™, downstream processing and particle characterization.





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LNP Purification
Late Preclinical: Downstream Processing of RNA LNP Formulations
Coming soon!





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What Participants Have Said

"I thought it was really informative, but still manageable for the audience. The best online course I have attended.”




"Please thank Shell for doing an excellent job which was very clear, well thought out and well paced."
"Very clear instruction and overview of lipid-based nanoparticles, it helps me prepare and optimize LNP formulation"




"It was very useful in refreshing general knowledge about targeted drug delivery and explaining new possibilities of RNA vaccines.”

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