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NanoAssemblr Spark
Polymeric NP and Liposome

Explore Novel Genetic

Medicine Formulations

Transformative medicines start with novel materials that can be costly or in limited supply. The Spark is ideal for screening novel genetic medicine formulations because it provides:
unmatched sample recovery

Advanced microfluidics allows microliter formulation volumes with near complete sample recovery.

intuitive operation

Simply pipette starting materials into wells, push a button, and pipette completed formulations out.

rapid production

The Spark formulation process requires less than 10 seconds, allowing hundreds of formulations to be made in hours.

Robust Process

Electronic control minimizes batch-to-batch and user variability.

workflow integration

The Spark system is designed for operation in a sterile biosafety hood, so formulations can be made on-demand, and applied to cells in culture.


NxGen microfluidic mixing technology allows formulations to be scaled across the NanoAssemblr Platform to accelerate future development.

See How Spark Works for Yourself
The Spark demo below will show you how the Spark can integrate into your workflow and accelerate your genetic medicine discovery.
Remarkably Fast and Easy to Use
Start operating the Spark with little to no training. Formulations are ready in seconds. Plus, they can be made on-demand in a sterile hood for immediate cell culture application.
NanoAssemblr Spark
Spark - Pipette Precursors

pipette in

Spark - Cap


Spark - Insert


Spark - Push Start

push start

Spark - Pipette Out

pipette out

Spark - Dilute


Accelerate Proof of Concept
Kick-start the validation of novel treatment modalities or formulations. Rapidly explore materials and parameters with minimal consumption of materials.

optimize formulations for size

Optimize Formulations For Size

screen targeting moieties
Screen Targeting Moieties
optimize mrna sequence and nucleotide modifications
Optimize mRNA Sequence

Get Started

To learn how Precision NanoSystems accelerates nanomedicine development from an idea to clinical applications, contact our Technical Sales Team.

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Advanced Technology for
Advanced Genetic Medicines
Non-turbulent microfluidic mixing provides unparalleled control over nanoparticle assembly that is scalable from discovery to the clinic.


An aqueous phase and a miscible solvent containing dissolved nanoparticle precursors are injected into each inlet of the NanoAssemblr cartridge


Under laminar flow, the two phases do not immediately mix


Microscopic features engineered into the channel reproducibly control the mixing of the two streams


Rapid, controlled, homogenous mixing produces homogeneous nanoparticles
NanoAssemblr Technology





NanoAssemblr Technology


Spark Demo

Cartridges & Kits

NanoAssemblr Spark Cartridge
spark cartridge

No cleaning or cleaning validation required: Cartridges are single-use and gamma irradiated for sterility. Available in packs of 20.

T-Cell Kit for mRNA Spark - Box and Vials
GenVoy-ILM T Cell Kit for mRNA

The GenVoy-ILM T Cell Kit for mRNA is an LNP reagent mix optimized for the delivery of mRNA into activated primary human T cells using mRNA-LNP.

Neuro9 siRNA Spark Formulation Kit
Spark formulation kits

Neuro9 kits contain everything you need to encapsulate siRNA into clinically validated lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery systems. Kits include a proprietary ionizable cationic lipid.

Spark Brochure
NanoAssemblr Spark BrochureThe NanoAssemblr Spark has an operating nanoparticle formulation volume of 25 – 250 μL. By ensuring yields nearing 100%, the Spark is ideal for target validation screening and nanoparticle formulation development that involves scarce or expensive nucleic acid constructs and nanoparticle excipients.

Download Brochure

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