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Precision NanoSystems is a global leader in technologies, solutions and services for the development of lipid nanoparticle genomic medicines, including mRNA vaccines and therapeutics. We support (bio)pharma companies who are ushering in the next wave of genomic medicines in infectious diseases, cancer and rare diseases. We work with the world’s leading drug developers to understand disease and help create the therapeutics and vaccines that will define the future of medicine. Our mission is to accelerate the creation of transformative medicine that significantly impacts human wellbeing.  



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NanoAssemblr® instruments – feature our proprietary NxGen™ microfluidic mixer which enables reproducible scale-up of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) by preserving critical quality attributes from small scale drug discovery to large volume cGMP manufacturing. The controlled microfluidic mixing technology, results in uniform and reproducible high quality LNPs, accelerating timelines from research to clinic 



GenVoy™ lipid nanoparticle delivery reagents – are available in off the shelf kits or are customized formulations from our proprietary reagent library for screening and optimizing drug product by use case. This allows our customers to effectively deliver the right formulation to the right cells at the site of disease with excellent safety & efficacy profiles. 



Biopharmaceutical Services – we offer deep expertise in designing a payload based on your target gene of interest and developing the formulation, processes, analytics and manufacturing protocols from research to clinical drug development. Our team supports analytical development to determine appropriate particle size, polydispersity index, and encapsulation efficiency 

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Our mission is to accelerate the creation of transformative medicine that significantly impacts human wellbeing. 


Precision NanoSystems validated technologies increase stability, efficacy, yield, and quality of lipid nanoparticle delivered genomic medicines, and lowers the barrier to develop these important medicines, accelerating timelines to take genomic medicines from concept to clinic. 

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