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Scaling Theory to Therapeutic: Gain insight into clinical development for RNA-based therapeutics


October 27, 2022
6:00-9:30am PT  |  9:00am-12:30pm ET


Our fall symposium will focus on the possibilities of genomic medicine across different applications, including scale-up and accelerating the full drug development process, from Discovery through to Process Development and Scale-up for Commercialization, building on a common core of LNP technology. 

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Journal Club, Friday, October 28


10-11am PT  |  12-1pm CT


Register for the upcoming Journal club, discussing the following publication: Dual-Targeted Lipid Nanotherapeutic Boost for Chemo-Immunotherapy of Cancer.





Events: Europe

Our Latest Symposium:
Vaccines from Concept to Clinic: New insights into accelerating the development of RNA vaccines

This symposium explores the experiences and insights from the front lines of RNA vaccine research. Particularly, stories highlighting the challenges and solutions faced when developing RNA vaccines from the earliest stages through to the clinic.


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