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Revolutionizing Medicine
Following biologics, nanomedicines represent the next era in drug innovation. Current research has demonstrated improved performance, reduced side effects, and revolutionary new treatment strategies like personalized medicine.

Several nanomedicines are available on the market such as Doxil, Visudyne, and Vyxeos. The most clinically advanced RNA medicine—Patisiran—is enabled by lipid nanoparticle (LNP) technology.

What is Nanomedicine Size Chart

Commonly, nanomedicines consist of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) such as small molecules or biologics packaged into nano-sized carriers made of excipients like lipids and polymers. Nanoparticles tend to be smaller than cells but larger than most biomolecules, so the nanomedicine can interact with the body differently than the API alone. The properties of nanomedicines can be designed to control when and where in the body the API is available.

What is Nanomedicine Active Ingredients

Applications of Nanomedicine
By packaging a variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) into nanoparticles, drug innovators aim to:

Protect API
Protect the API
Control API
Control API Release
Alter API
Alter Biodistribution
Target Drug Delivery
Target drug delivery
to the site of disease
Soluble APIs
Enhance solubility
and bioavailability

Nanomedicines are at the Heart of Next-Generation Medicines
Nanomedicines currently being developed, allow treatment of otherwise "undruggable" targets to address unmet medical needs through revolutionary new strategies:

Nanomedicine: Future of Medicine

The Challenge

Using traditional methodologies, drug researchers face significant challenges in producing nanomedicines for R&D, clinical testing, and commercial manufacture.


Lipid Nanoparticle v Small Molecule


Nanoparticles consist of millions of molecules that need to come together and work in concert, and traditional production methods adapted from processes developed over decades for small molecule drugs do not adequately address the unique needs of nanomedicine production.


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Traditional Methods:

Lack Consistency Nanomedicine: Quality Comparison

Are laborious/slow/low throughput Doxil process:
10 Steps
17 Process vessels
5 Days

Are difficult to scale Nanomedicine: Difficult to Scale

Require expertise/skill Nanomedicine: Requires Skill

Advanced Solutions for Advanced Medicines

Precision NanoSystems is enabling drug innovators to overcome unique challenges in creating transformative medicine by making purpose-designed manufacturing technology and unique nanomedicine expertise available to support all stages of nanomedicine development.



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Liposome, LNP, Polymer NP, Emulsion

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July 01, 2020

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May 08, 2020


Investigating the Impact of Delivery System Design on the Efficacy of Self-Amplifying RNA Vaccines

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April 02, 2020

Journal of Controlled Release

Design of a Novel Vaccine Nanotechnology-based Delivery System Comprising CpGODN-protein Conjugate Anchored to...

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December 31, 2019


Investigating Prime-Pull Vaccination through a Combination of Parenteral Vaccination and Intranasal Boosting

C.B. Roces, M.T. Hussain, S.T. Schmidt, D. Christensen and Y. Perrie

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