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NanoAssemblr® Commercial Formulation System

Have you seen our newest system for clinical and commercial production? The NanoAssemblr commercial formulation system is an automated, single-use system that simplifies clinical and commercial production of LNPs while addressing the unique challenges of genomic medicine development.



Accelerate the Path to Manufacturing

Built on our revolutionary NxGen™ technology found in our NanoAssemblr® family of instruments, NanoAssemblr® GMP System enables you to go from concept to clinic with speed and confidence. Combined with PNI’s expertise, we accelerate the clinical and commercial development of your unique nanomedicine drug products. 


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With decades of LNP experience, our Biopharmaceutical Services team expertly helps you execute technology transfer and optimize processes for commercial production of genetic medicines. We provide you with all required documentation for the GMP System and its single-use fluid path, giving you full confidence during regulatory and compliance audits. 



Versatile Scalability.
Trusted Performance.

Consistent particle size across NanoAssemblr® platforms means optimization of each step in the development and manufacturing process is quick, cost effective and dependable.


Nanoparticle Size at Every Scale
EE At Every Scale


Particle size, polydispersity and RNA encapsulation efficiency are consistent as production of epo-encoded mRNA-LNP was scaled using the NanoAssemblr® platform.



NanoAssemblr Platform
Manufacturing Made Easy

Our NanoAssemblr® family of products empowers you to model the full unit operations of the nanomedicine workflow, translating smaller scale parameters onto the GMP System. This means you perform fewer large scale experiments, accelerating timelines and preserving costly reagents.


Unit Operations Diagram


The NanoAssemblr® GMP System has a simple workflow with touchscreen interface, saved recipes and a single-use fluid path that integrates Pall and Cytiva processes for a complete unit operations. This versatile solution for commercial manufacturing provides you with the ability for scale-up and scale-out at a range of facilities.

GMP Case Study

PNI’s complete solution of innovative platforms accelerates the entire commercialization process. A recent study from Sirnaomics shows a less than 6-month timeframe for formulation development ready for GMP manufacturing.


Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 8.03.14 AM
Sirnaomics Quote


Informational video of GMP System with Dr. Lloyd Jeffs

GMP System Demo with Dr. Lloyd Jeffs

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