Precision Nanosystems is now part of Cytiva

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April 29, 2024

Next-generation therapies and vaccines promise transformative impacts for patients and their loved ones. Viral vectors, RNA, DNA, CAR-T, and cell therapies are making strides in the early clinical stages. They can be precisely designed and formulated to silence, express, and edit genes, giving a strong approach to preventing and treating diseases. 

The integration of Precision NanoSystems with Cytiva is now complete, fast-tracking the development of advanced therapeutics and lipid nanoparticles. Combined, we bring an array of innovative instruments, lipids, and services to the table, bolstering your programs and advancing human health. 

Our portfolio includes: 

  • A scalable lipid nanoparticle technology platform featuring our NanoAssemblrTM instruments and NxGenTM cartridges to minimize risks as you step up from lab experiments into the clinical realm. 

  • BioPharma Services supporting and collaborating with your unique program needs - from formulation and process development to analytics and cGMP production. 

  • An extensive suite of mRNA-LNP workflow solutions. 

We're strengthening our focus on lipid nanoparticle-based solutions with a deeper range of nanomedicine offerings from Cytiva's full workflow solutions. Whether you're starting your drug development journey - transitioning to the clinical stage, or gearing up for commercialization - we stand beside you with the resources, services, and expertise to navigate your key challenges. 

Need help choosing the right product for your application, or have a question about ordering from us, go here to get in touch


Press Release

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