Application of Microfluidic Mixing for Generating Limit Size Nanoparticles


April 26, 2016

In this webinar, Professor Pieter Cullis from the University of British Columbia will unpack the application of microfluidics for the preparation of "limit-size" lipid nanoparticle systems including liposomes, nanoemulsions and RNA-lipid nanoparticles (RNA-LNP). "Limit size" is defined as the smallest energetically and thermodynamically stable structure possible based on the packing constraints of the component molecules. Smaller lipid nanoparticle systems can impact the activity of their payloads by altering biodistribution for example by penetrating deeper into solid tumors. Also, smaller systems are amenable to alternative administration routes such as subcutaneous injection.

Join us for this exploration as we are excited to present our first collaborative webinar in our series about LNP systems manufactured using microfluidics.

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