For 10 years, Precision NanoSystems has been lowering barriers to working successfully with RNA drug delivery technologies and furthering this goal, we’re proud to introduce NanoMedU: a focused classroom and hands-on learning program.


Scientists in the biopharmaceutical industry will receive fundamental and practical training on topics, techniques and technologies to help accelerate non-viral genetic medicine development

Early Preclinical Level 1 – RNA Vaccines

This course is aimed at providing pharmaceutical scientists with knowledge and confidence to start early preclinical development of RNA-LNP vaccines.


Learning Objectives: 

Confidence starting experiments with NanoAssemblr® Ignite™


RNA-Vaccine specific training with case studies


Basic understanding of LNP formulations and parameters to explore


Hands-on training with complete workflow


Ignite user certification



Upcoming Dates

October 6 & 7, 2021
October 20 & 21, 2021


What Participants Have Said

"I thought it was really informative, but still manageable for the audience. The best online course I have attended.”




"Please thank Shell for doing an excellent job which was very clear, well thought out and well paced."
"Very clear instruction and overview of lipid-based nanoparticles, it helps me prepare and optimize LNP formulation"




"It was very useful in refreshing general knowledge about targeted drug delivery and explaining new possibilities of RNA vaccines.”
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Focused classroom and hands-on instruction to help scientists advance the nanomedicine field.



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Requirements and Prerequisites
Part I: The program is designed to be accessible to an audience with competence in late undergraduate and early graduate level studies in molecular biology, chemistry or related fields.

Part II: Successful completion of Part I of this program and access to a NanoAssemblr® Ignite™ is required. NanoAssemblr® Ignite™ is not provided. Please contact a PNI Scientific Specialists to inquire about Ignite. Other required equipment not provided: Dynamic light scattering instrument and consumables, UV absorption spectrometer and consumables, 96-well plate reader and well-plates, micropipettes, a multichannel micropipette, Ribogreen Assay Kit, nuclease-free deionized water. Additionally, training with basic micropipette technique, and safe handling of ethanol or other flammable organic solvents in an appropriate environment is assumed.


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