Combining disruptive technology platforms with unparalleled genomic medicine development expertise, Precision NanoSystems’ Biopharmaceutical Services accelerates the development of lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulations and drug products. 

Expertise to Accelerate Preclinical and Clinical Drug Development 


Partner with Biopharmaceutical Services to accelerate formulation development, optimization and process scale-up. Our Biopharmaceutical Services can aid in design of payload and offer analytical development, bioassay development and QC (analytical) support throughout your research program. Our expert team of scientists optimizes the use of limited materials in scaling drug products from discovery to large-scale manufacturing for a broad range of payloads and carriers with the NanoAssemblr® and GenVoy™  technology platforms. Get started with a well-defined project plan and milestones, deliverables, timeline and budget customized to your needs. 




Clinical Stage Programs


GMP Batches


Approved Drugs

*Precision NanoSystem’s Biopharmaceutical Services team is made up of experts that bring in their cumulative experience of working with 26 clinical stage programs producing over 44 GMP batches and have contributed to two approved drug products.
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Complete Solutions for Every Step of Pharmaceutical Development 

Partner with Biopharmaceutical Services on projects that span the entire drug development process, including proof-of-concept studies in early discovery, lead candidate development in scale-up and optimization and technology transfer of manufacturing processes for cGMP production. 



Formulation Development Icon

Formulation Development  

  • Optimize physicochemical properties and biological activity 
  • Identify critical quality attributes (CQAs) and draft drug product specifications 

Process Development icon

Process Development 

  • Establish critical process parameters (CPPs) for downstream processing, including tangential flow filtration (TFF) and sterile filtration 

Scale Up Icon


  • Confirm equivalency with demonstration batches   
  • Prepare and test batches to support GLP-Tox studies

Tech Transfer Icon

Technology Transfer & Manufacturing 

  • Transfer equipment, materials and analytical methods to GMP manufacturing site 
  • Prepare GMP Master Batch Records
  • Manufacture GMP batches for Phase I and II clinical trials 


Chemistry Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) Support 

  • Provide oversight for the manufacture and testing of engineering and GMP batches  
  • Assist with CMC Regulatory Submissions

Screening Icon

Bioassay Development and Screening 

  • Develop robust bioassays to evaluate the potency and in vitro gene expression of any drug payload  
  • Develop a workflow to screen large numbers of variables to support formulation and process development  

Analytical Services Icon

Analytical Services 

  • Develop analytical methods for nanoparticle formulations and raw materials 


Analytical Services


Developing the right analytical assays for each stage of your project is critical to ensure success in the path from preclinical to clinical drug development. With deep expertise and technical knowledge of genomic medicines, Biopharmaceutical Services develops and applies advanced analytical methodologies to support the characterization of the drug substance, raw materials and/or nanoparticle formulation. Our analytical development team works across the preclinical, clinical, process development, manufacturing and quality teams from selecting lead candidates during formulation development to ensuring specifications of the drug product remain consistent as production is scaled.



Analytical Capabilities

Analytical services for non-viral genomic medicines include drug product identity confirmation, physical characterization, acceptance testing, stability studies, GMP release testing, toxicology testing and raw material testing.


Lipid Nanoparticles


  • Particle Size Distribution (PDI)
  • Osmolality
  • Zeta-Potential
  • pH
  • Encapsulation Efficiency
  • Total Drug Substance Content
  • In Vitro Potency




  • Multi-Lipid Content
  • Multi-Lipid Identity/Integrity
  • Raw Material Testing
  • Stability/Forced Degradation
  • Residual Solvents
  • Solubility
  • Trace Impurity Analysis


Nucleic Acids


  • Capping Efficiency
  • PolyAdenylation
  • Residual DNA/Protein
  • dsRNA
  • Unnatural Ribonucleotides
  • Identify & Integrity 
  • Large RNA or saRNA Characterization





Analytical Instrumentation

Analytical instrumentation and technologies to assess drug substances and products include particle size analyzers, bioanalyzers, mass spectrometers, liquid chromatographic systems, cryogenic electron microscopes and flow cytometers.



  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) 
  • Osmometer 
  • Endotoxin* 
  • Bioburden* 
  • Cryo-TEM* 







  • LC-MS/MS 








  • LC-MS/MS 
  • CE-UV/LIF 
  • Bioanalyzer 







  • Cytation 7 cell imaging multi-mode reader, Biospa, and MultiFlo Fx  
  • SDS-PAGE and Jess Automated Western blot  
  • Biotek plate readers (Colorimetric + Luminescence-based assays)  
  • Ella automated ELISA  
  • CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer  
  • RT-qPCR 


    *Available through third-party 

    Our Biopharmaceutical Services Team

    Experienced: Leverage comprehensive knowledge, insights and expertise in formulation development, process development, analytical development, quality, technology transfer and GMP manufacturing.

    Transparent: Prioritize direct communication and access to protocols and processes during the development of your drug product. 

    Integrated: Optimize the use of limited materials with NanoAssemblr and GenVoy technology platforms, enabling seamless scaling of drug products from preclinical to clinical development. 

    Flexible: Continue development and manufacturing through the late stages of drug development or transfer protocols to continue development in-house. 

    Streamlined: Collaborate across functional teams from proof-of-concept studies to cGMP manufacturing for Phase I and II clinical trials for an end-to-end workflow. 

    Drug Payloads, Drug Carriers and Research Applications



    Biopharmaceutical Services has broad technical expertise in payload design and lipid-based delivery systems, including lipid nanoparticle and lipopolymeric formulations, for a wide range of disease applications.




    Drug Payloads

    RNA Icon


    mRNA, siRNA, saRNA, Replicon RNA 



    pDNA Icon


    pDNA, dsDNA 




    Small Molecule Icon


    Small Molecule 




    Peptide icon






    Virus icon






    Drug Carriers



    Lipid Nanoparticles












    Polymer Nanoparticles
















    Research Applications 

    Vaccine icon


    Vaccine Development 




    Oncology icon






    Liver Delivery


    Liver Delivery




    Cardiovascular Disease icon


    Cardiovascular Disease




    Lung Delivery icon


    Lung Delivery




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    Clinical Partners
    • "As an Evonik affiliate specialized in liposomal drug delivery systems, we are pleased to offer our clients access to the NanoAssemblr GMP System, which will aid in the translation of drug candidates to clinical testing and ideally to commercial use." 
      - Don Enns, Vice President of Evonik Vancouver Laboratories
    • "We are excited about this promising collaboration and hope that it will propel our work forward as the ncRNA Core Facility focuses on the non-coding RNA portions of the genome for [the] discovery of novel biomarkers and targets for therapeutics from human disease tissue and clinical trial specimens."
      - Frank Slack, Director of the Harvard Medical School Initiative for RNA Medicine (HIRM) at BIDMC
    • "Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services has audited the PNI facilities in Vancouver and has qualified PNI's NanoAssemblr® GMP System and its components. We are excited to work with PNI to offer their purpose-designed manufacturing technology and unique nanomedicine expertise to our clients for the manufacture of nanoparticle-based medicines" 
      - Kristin DeFife, Ph.D., Vice President and Head of US Operations of Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services

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