The physiological, cellular, and/or genetic basis of a disease is studied to identify potential therapeutic targets. 



Once a potential target has been identified, researchers will then screen thousands of APIs, excipients and/or formulations for potential candidates that act on this target.


After early testing, however, only a small number of compounds look promising and call for further study. 


We are in the age of cell therapy and gene therapy with bioprocessing being a key element. Being able to affect disease at the molecular level is the key, and nanomedicine is a fundamental technology for ushering in the next wave of genetic and molecularly targeted therapeutics.

The NanoAssemblr® Product Suite and Formulation Solutions

NanoAssemblr Spark


The NanoAssemblr® Spark™ produces microlitre volumes of nanomedicines for discovery research.

NanoAssemblr Benchtop


The NanoAssemblr® Benchtop manufactures 1 – 15 mL of nanomedicine per run for nanomedicine development programs.

Formulation Solution Experts



To rapidly reach the formulation proof of concept stage PNI offers highly qualified scientist with extensive formulation development experience through our Formulation Solutions Team.                                                                                                                                           


At every step, our multidisciplinary experts will partner with you to build affirm scientific foundation for the work ahead.

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To learn how Precision NanoSystems accelerates nanomedicine development from an idea to clinical applications, contact our Technical Sales Team.

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Publication - Summary

May 18, 2019

Annals of Hematology

Lipid nanoparticle-mediated siRNA delivery for safe targeting of human CML in vivo

N. Jyotsana, A. Sharma, A. Chaturvedi, et al.

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Publication - Summary

May 17, 2019

Science Immunology

A lipid-encapsulated mRNA encoding a potently neutralizing human monoclonal antibody protects against chikungunya infection

N. Kose, J.M. Fox, G. Sapparapu, et al.

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Publication - Summary

April 04, 2019

The Journal of Neuroscience

PTCD1 is required for mitochondrial oxidative-phosphorylation: possible genetic association with Alzheimer's disease

D. Fleck, L. Phu, E. Verschueren, T. Hinkle, M. Reichelt, T. Bhangale, B. Haley, Y. Wang, R. Graham, D.S. Kirkpatrick, M...

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Publication - Summary

February 07, 2019

Nano Research

Chemotherapy drugs derived nanoparticles encapsulating mRNA encoding tumor suppressor proteins to treat triple-negative breast can...

C. Zhang, X. Zhang, W. Zhao, C. Zeng, W. Li, B. Li, X. Luo, J. Li, J. Jiang, B. Deng, D.W. McComb, Y. Dong

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Application Note

January 16, 2019

mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles: Robust low-volume production for screening high-value nanoparticle materials

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Publication - Summary

September 24, 2018

Nucleic Acid Therapeutics

MicroRNAs Enable mRNA Therapeutics to Selectively Program Cancer Cells to Self-Destruct

R. Jain, JP. Frederick, EY. Huang, KE. Burke, DM. Mauger, EA. Andrianova, SJ. Farlow, S. Siddiqui, J. Pimentel, K. Cheun...

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