Precision NanoSystems Launches the NanoAssemblr Spark

Press Release

July 18, 2016

Vancouver, BC, Canada –

The NanoAssemblr Spark was developed for ultra-low volume nanomedicine formulation, enabling rapid and cost-effective discovery and development.

NanoAssemblr Spark

Precision NanoSystems launches innovative product to support mRNA and CRISPR/Cas9 therapeutic development

Vancouver, British Columbia, July 19th, 2016 – Precision NanoSystems Inc. announces the launch of the NanoAssemblrTM SparkTM system to support nanoparticle researchers developing novel nucleic acid-based nanomedicines, including mRNA and CRISPR/Cas9 therapeutics. The NanoAssemblr Spark enables automated microfluidic manufacture of nanoparticles at ultra-low volumes for rapid and cost-effective early-stage nanomedicine discovery and development.

The NanoAssemblr Spark uses proprietary microfluidics technology for the controlled and reproducible manufacture of 25 µL – 250 µL nanoparticles in less than 10 seconds. By ensuring yields nearing 100%, the ultra-low volume Spark is ideal for screening novel nanoparticle formulations that use scarce or expensive nucleic acid constructs and nanoparticle excipients.

“The NanoAssemblr Spark will facilitate more rapid development of exciting new therapeutic modalities such as genome editing and mRNA-mediated protein expression.” said Dr. James Taylor, CEO & Co-founder of PNI. “The Spark complements the current NanoAssemblr Benchtop instrument, which uses microfluidics to manufacture nanoparticles at the milliliter scale, and helps move us towards our goal of providing a suite of microfluidic-based instruments for the seamless, accelerated development of nanomedicines from discovery to commercial product.”

The NanoAssemblr Spark is available for order and is featured by PNI in Seattle, WA during the Controlled Release Society conference, July 17th to 20th.


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