Precision NanoSystems Unveils its NanoAssemblr Test-Site Program

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December 01, 2011

Precision NanoSystems is unveiling its NanoAssemblr nanoparticle manufacturing platform at the 2011 International Liposome Society (ILS) Meeting, Liposome Advances: Progress in Drug and Vaccine Delivery, to be held in London, UK from 10 – 13 December 2011.

The NanoAssemblr platform is setting the standard for lipid nanoparticle development. The technology enables exquisite control over nanoparticle formation for expedited development and manufacture of previously unobtainable next-generation lipid nanoparticles, such as “limit-size” lipid nanoparticle systems designed to facilitate improved delivery of bioactive materials to a wider range of cells and tissues in the body.

Precision NanoSystems is targeting leaders in lipid nanoparticle development to collaborate, test and further develop the NanoAssemblr instrument.  These partnerships will be designed to demonstrate the versatility of the technology for the manufacture of next-generation lipid nanoparticles that efficiently encapsulate a wide range of bioactive agents including nucleic acids, proteins, peptides, imaging agents and conventional drugs.  Precision NanoSystems will extensively support its partners’ to further their research into the development of novel nanomedicines to treat human disease.

James Taylor, Ph.D., CEO of Precision commented: “This is an important accomplishment for Precision.  A prior custom engineered instrument has been successful in the hands of our industrial partners for the past 6 months, demonstrating the ability of the microfluidic technology in the formulation of lipid nanoparticles.  The NanoAssemblr instrument will allow us to broadly deploy Precision’s technology to research and industrial scientists to allow them to develop the next generation of nanoparticle delivery technologies.”

About the 2011 International Liposomal Society Meeting

The 5th ILS conference “Liposome Advances” will deal with recent progress in liposome research and applications. It will cover topics as diverse as interaction of liposomes with the biological milieu, cancer and antimicrobial therapy, conventional and genetic vaccines, topical applications, gene therapy, and RNA interference. Clinical, industrial and regulatory aspects will also be included. It is anticipated that the conference will, as previously, attract worldwide interest with a good number of liposomologists attending the event.

About Precision NanoSystems’ Technology and Applications

Precision NanoSystems Inc. (PNI) empowers researchers to advance the application of nanoparticles in understanding and treating disease, particularly in genetic medicine.PNI’s nanoparticle technology enables the potent transfection of primary cells with high cell transfection efficiency (efficient nucleic acid delivery) achieved using lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). Furthermore, PNI’s versatile NanoAssemblr™ nanoparticle formulation platform enables rapid, reproducible, and scalable lipid nanoparticle and liposome formulation, as well as polymeric nanoparticle production.

The NanoAssemblr platform simplifies the formulation of nanoparticles to accelerate nanoparticle research from drug target discovery to therapeutic nanoparticle manufacturing for the clinic. For example, drug targets can be screened using NanoAssemblr Transfection Reagents prepared on the NanoAssemblr Spark™ at a microlitre scale. Armed with this knowledge, researchers can then optimize their genetic medicines, polymeric nanoparticles and liposomal encapsulation technologies at the millilitre scale using the NanoAssemblr Benchtop. For larger scale animal and early CMC studies, the NanoAssemblr Blaze™ uses the same process parameters optimized for LNP, polymer and liposome encapsulation developed on the Benchtop. The Blaze seamlessly scales nanoparticle formulations, further bridging the gap between nanoparticle discovery and clinical development. As a final step towards the clinic, process parameters can be transferred to the NanoAssemblr Scale-Up system, which is suitable for the GMP environment where LNP and polymer nanoparticles synthesis, or liposome manufacturing for clinical trials, can be accomplished.


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