Precision NanoSystems Launches a Novel Lipid Nanoparticle Reagent to Scale Up Delivery of RNA into T Cells for Gene-Modified Cell Therapies

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May 09, 2022

The GenVoy-ILM™ T Cell Kit for mRNA, Ignite is used on the NanoAssemblr® Ignite™, a proprietary microfluidic mixing platform that supports consistent and reproducible scale-up of lipid nanoparticles. Researchers will now be able to establish a clinically-relevant method at the preclinical scale for ex vivo gene delivery and editing to accelerate the development of T cell therapies.  

The delivery of genomic material into T cells with LNPs is gentle and utilizes an endogenous uptake pathway to efficiently deliver mRNA into T cells to mediate titratable, uniform protein expression levels with high cell viabilities. In comparison to this method, electroporation delivery can be damaging to cells, making it difficult to generate viable cells at high yields, whereas conventional viral vector delivery methods can be expensive and cumbersome to manufacture. LNPs hold tremendous potential for ex vivo gene delivery and editing to advance the development of gene and cell therapies, offering many advantages from high cell viability to scalable microfluidic manufacturing, and accelerating future innovations.    

“The launch of the GenVoy-ILM T Cell Kit for mRNA, Ignite will allow researchers to scale up the delivery of RNA into difficult-to-transfect T cells. Precision NanoSystems is positioned to support the creation of a new wave of gene and cell therapies” says Dr. James Taylor, General Manager and Co-Founder of Precision NanoSystems. “We continue to innovate and be a leader in providing a lipid nanoparticle-based platform that is being used to develop genomic medicines around the world.” 

This kit joins Precision NanoSystems’ robust portfolio of proprietary off-the-shelf GenVoy™ LNP-based reagents to prepare RNA-LNPs all the way from discovery and proof-of-concept to taking genomic medicines to the clinic.   

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Angela Zhang, PhD 
Senior Product Manager
Precision NanoSystems 


About Precision NanoSystems 

Precision NanoSystems is a global leader in technologies, solutions and services for the development of lipid nanoparticle-based genomic medicines, including mRNA vaccines and therapeutics. We support (bio)pharma companies who are ushering in the next wave of genomic medicines in infectious diseases, cancer and rare diseases. We work with the world’s leading drug developers to understand disease and help create the therapeutics and vaccines that will define the future of medicine. 


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