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2020 Virtual Nanomedicine Symposium


Thank you to all the participants, look for our next Symposium coming next fall. 

With over 800 attendees, 300 questions asked and answered, and 13 speakers, you made PNI's first Virtual Nanomedicine Symposium a great success!


We will be sending out links to the sessions in the first week of August for those who attended the symposium and would like links to the recorded sessions. 


If you could not attend the and would like to learn more about nanomedicine and view the recordings from the symposium, please fill out the form below, and we will be in touch with you.

NanoAssemblr Vaccine Demonstration

During the symposium, Precision Nanosystems recreated formulations used in proof-of-concept studies in 2012 (Geall et al.) which was the first PoC demonstration of RNA-LNP vaccine, this time, using the NanoAssemblr® Platform, including the GMP System





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