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Please fill out this form to register for the upcoming PNI Teatime Webinar Series: A Scalable, Bias-Free, High-Throughput Isoelectric Fractionation Platform for Extracellular Nanocarriers from Biological Samples presented by Dr. Himani Sharma, NIH Postdoctoral fellow under Prof. Hsueh-Chia Chang at the University of Notre Dame.


Date: Wednesday, June 7

Time: 2:30 pm GMT | 3:30 pm CET 





Extracellular nanocarriers secreted in biological fluids play a crucial role in a variety of complex cellular functions by trafficking signaling molecules from cell to cell and are the most abundant and promising biomarkers for almost all major diseases including cancer(s) and cardiovascular disease. Abundant in physiological fluids (such as blood, urine, and lymph fluids), the nanocarriers are divided into three classes: Extracellular vesicle (EVs), Lipoprotein (LLPs), and Ribonucleic protein (RNPs) acting as key players in liquid biopsy, disease diagnostics/therapeutics, and drug delivery. However, the overlapping size and density of the nanocarriers have so far prevented their efficient physical fractionation, thus impeding bias and contamination-free downstream molecular assays. To address these shortcomings, we take advantage of their distinct isoelectric points (zeta potential) and developed a novel free-flow isoelectric focusing (charge-based) technique to fractionate different nanocarriers at high throughput, yield, and purity from various biofluids (plasma, urine, and saliva).