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We are a genetic medicines company, with a full stack of technologies and solutions that engages in strategic partnerships and collaborations to accelerate the design, development, and manufacturing of promising vaccines and therapeutics in genetic vaccines, cell therapy, and gene therapy.


Precision NanoSystems’ Genetic Medicine Toolkit comprises proprietary technology platforms and comprehensive expertise to enable researchers to translate disease biology insights into non-viral genetic medicines; here is what we can do for you:


Self-amplifying mRNA vector platform: Currently in testing for safety and efficacy, our self-amplifying vector platform is designed to encode your gene of interest for vaccine applications

Library of clinical use lipid formulations: Proprietary cationic, ionizable, biodegradable lipids with formulation compositions for delivery of RNA for in-vivo and ex-vivo applications for vaccines, cell therapy, gene editing, and gene therapy

Market-leading NanoAssemblr manufacturing platform: Validated for GMP manufacturing and gaining worldwide adoption midst the COVID-19 vaccine development efforts the technology can scale seamlessly from lab to clinic to marketplace

Unparalleled drug development expertise: With a cross-functional team of formulation scientists, process development engineers, and manufacturing tech transfer professionals we can collaborate with you for best-in-class vaccines and therapeutics  

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