Nucleic Acid Transfection Kits for Primary Neurons


• 95% cell transfection efficiency
• No observed cytotoxicity
• Gene knockdown via siRNA expression
in vitro and in vivo applications
• Non-viral transfection




• siRNA transfection for gene knockdown via RNAi both in vitro and in vivo


Top Right: Enriched (>90%) E18 primary rat cortical neurons treated at DIV12 with Neuro9 siRNA against HPRT. HPRT mRNA assayed by qPCR 48h post-treatment. *** P < 0.001


Middle Right: Enriched (>90%) E18 primary rat cortical neurons treated at DIV7 with Neuro9 siRNA against HPRT for 48 hours. Cell viability assayed using PrestoBlue.


Bottom Right: Primary rat neurons were treated at various stages of maturity with Neuro9 siRNA against PTEN. Neuro9 is well tolerated and can be applied at DIV ≥ 2. This flexibility opens doors to new experimental possibilities. *** P < 0.001

90% knockdown in 95% of Cells
90% Knockdown in 95% of Cells

No Observable Toxicity
No Observable Toxicity

Mediate Gene Expression as Early as DIV2
Mediate Gene Expression Early

Neuro9 in vitro cell culture and transfection
siRNA : > 95% Cellular Transfection Efficiency
Neuro9 In Vitro Cell Culture & Transfection

Images: Fluorescently labeled Neuro9 (red) is used to observe uptake by MAP2+ neurons (green).

Plot: Flow cytometry indicates Neuro9 uptake in >95% of cells

Neuro9 in vivo
siRNA : > 95% Transfection Efficiency
Neuro9 In Vivo Transfection
Neuro9 (red) was locally injected into rat somatosensory cortex. Brains were removed 5 days later, sliced and imaged. Calcein-AM dye (green) indicates neurons were alive when imaged. Western blots from samples 1mm from the injection site exhibit significant knockdown of target gene PTEN compared to “control” samples taken from the opposite hemisphere and samples treated with Luc siRNA.

Neuro9 Spark
Transfection Kits
Kit TypeEncapsulatesTreats (wells of 24 well plate)Catalogue
siRNA2 nmol (2x)50NWS0001
siRNA5 nmol100NWS0002

Neuro9 Benchtop
Transfection Kits
Kit TypeEncapsulatesTreats (wells of 24 well plate)Catalogue
siRNA0.5 mg15NWT0001
siRNA2 mg20NWT0002

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