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Please fill out this form to register for the upcoming North America West Webinar: Rapamycin-loaded Biomimetic Nanoparticles Reverse Vascular Inflammation presented by Dr. Christian Boada, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Texas A&M University.



Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Time: 9:00am PT / 11:00am CT



Webinar Abstract: 

Lipid nanoparticles represent a well characterized and flexible technology for drug delivery and one of the breakthrough technologies that has enabled the success of mRNA vaccines. Taking cues from nature it is possible to create novel nanoparticles with membrane proteins on the surface to create a biomimetic approach for nanoparticle design. Novel synthesis methods such as microfluidics, have enabled functionalization of a wide variety of proteins on the surface to create second-generation “biomimetic” nanoparticles that have enhanced targeting and prolonged circulation. Exciting new applications for these nanoparticles for cardiovascular disease have been developed, specifically for atherosclerosis, that could pave the way for new delivery platforms for previously toxic compounds and RNA-based therapeutics.