Precision NanoSystems and Arcturus Therapeutics Announce Partnership for the Manufacture of RNA Medicines

Press Release

January 09, 2015

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Precision NanoSystems, a leader in the development and application of microfluidics for the manufacture of nanomedicines; and, Arcturus Therapeutics, a leading small interfering RNA (siRNA) and messenger RNA (mRNA) drug discovery and development company, today announced a partnership for the manufacture of RNA medicines.

Under the terms of the agreement, Precision’s proprietary NanoAssemblr™ platform will be used to manufacture GMP batches to support clinical studies and commercial development for RNA medicines developed using Arcturus’ proprietary LUNAR™ RNA Therapeutics platform.

James Taylor, Ph.D., CEO of Precision commented, “We are delighted to partner with Arcturus to advance their pipeline of RNA medicines for the treatment of rare diseases. We have been working very closely with Arcturus during the discovery phase of the LUNAR™ products and we are excited to support ongoing development through clinical manufacture using our NanoAssemblr™ microfluidics-based platform for the manufacture of nanomedicines.”

Joseph Payne, President and CEO of Arcturus added, “Arcturus is delighted to work with Precision and utilize their NanoAssemblr™ platform to advance our pipeline of RNA medicines. We believe this relationship will accelerate clinical development and enable us to effectively formulate our LUNARTMnanoparticles.”


About Precision NanoSystems, Inc.

Precision NanoSystems, Inc. (PNI) has developed innovative tools and processes for the development and manufacture of best-in-class nanoparticles for use as medicines, and in medical research. PNI’s proprietary NanoAssemblr™ platform enables the simple, rapid, reproducible, and scalable manufacture of next-generation nanoparticle formulations for the targeted delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents to difficult-to-access cells and tissues in the body. PNI provides instruments, reagents and services to life sciences researchers and builds strategic collaborations to revolutionize healthcare through nanotechnology. To join the revolution visit our website.


About Arcturus Therapeutics, Inc.

Founded in 2013 and based in San Diego, Arcturus Therapeutics is developing the ‘next wave’ of RNA medicines. Arcturus has invented a novel, potent and safe RNA Therapeutics platform called LUNAR™, a proprietary lipid-enabled delivery system for RNA medicines including BOTH small interfering RNA (siRNA) and messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics. The company’s UNA Oligomer™ chemistry technology and patent portfolio (34 patents, USPTO granted) enables the targeting of any gene in the human genome. Building a robust pipeline, Arcturus has focused internal efforts on RNA medicines for the treatment of rare diseases and, or larger indications, will be partnering with select companies that bring disease expertise. For more information, visit


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