Precision NanoSystems on 2016 Ready to Rocket List

Press Release

March 02, 2016

Vancouver, BC, Canada –

Precision NanoSystems Inc. (PNI) has been selected into Rocket Builder’s list of life science companies that are poised to capitalize on growth opportunities. The Ready to Rocket selection provides PNI with the platform to extend its reach into the nanotechnology and life science communities while continuing to build partnerships. James Taylor, PhD, CEO of Precision NanoSystems comments, “2015 was such a great year for PNI and we’re excited to build off of our successes and bring our technology to even more researchers and companies. We have set ourselves up for expanding our commercial offerings, growing our team and developing our operations to reflect the demand in nanomedicine solutions at the bench but also in full-scale therapeutic manufacturing.”

“Each year when we choose the Ready to Rocket companies, we are looking for those companies that have achieved critical milestones along their commercialization roadmap. Precision NanoSystems is an excellent example of a company taking key steps toward achieving its commercial potential.” said Thealzel Lee, Senior Partner, Rocket Builders.

About Precision NanoSystems, Inc.

Precision NanoSystems, Inc. (PNI) has developed innovative tools and processes for the development and manufacture of best-in-class nanoparticles for use as medicines, and in medical research. PNI’s proprietary NanoAssemblr™ platform enables the simple, rapid, reproducible, and scalable manufacture of next-generation nanoparticle formulations for the targeted delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents to difficult-to-access cells and tissues in the body. PNI provides instruments, reagents and services to life sciences researchers and builds strategic collaborations to revolutionize healthcare through nanotechnology. For more information, visit Precision NanoSystem's website.

About Ready to Rocket

Ready to Rocket is a unique business recognition list that profiles technology companies with the greatest potential for growth. Each year, based on analysis of trends, Rocket Builders identifies the top private companies that are best positioned to capitalize on these trends to achieve growth. This selection methodology has been an accurate predictor of investment and business success with past “Ready to Rocket” companies.


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“Ready to Rocket” is a trademark of Rocket Builders, a respected management consulting firm servicing the technology industry.


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