Precision NanoSystems, Inc. Launches Commercial NanoAssemblr Benchtop Instrument at Leading Drug Delivery Conference

Press Release

July 14, 2013

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada – Precision NanoSystems, Inc. (PNI), a privately held biotechnology company developing proprietary microfluidic-based manufacturing technology for the use and development of cutting edge nanomedicines, today launched its commercial NanoAssemblrTM Benchtop Instrument at the Annual Controlled Release Society (CRS) meeting.  The Annual CRS meeting is the industry leading conference for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic drug developers to discuss nanomedicine and other drug delivery technologies.

Additionally at the conference, Dr. Colin Walsh, a University of British Columbia (UBC) post-doc funded through joint PNI-UBC industry grant, was invited to give a talk on the NanoAssemblrTM platform’s technology entitled “The NanoAssemblrTM Platform : Microfluidics-Based Manufacture of siRNA Nanoparticles”.

Dr. Euan Ramsay, Chief Operating Officer of PNI, commented, “The CRS meeting is a conference of industry and academic leaders in nanomedicine developers.  The NanoAssemblrTM Benchtop Instrument allows nanomedicine developers to create cutting edge nanomedicines faster and more reliably.   The invitation for Precision NanoSystems to give a presentation highlights the novelty of the microfluidic approach and the latent need for this advancement in the field.  We appreciate the support of the CRS committee and of the nanomedicine community in general.”

To find out more about the NanoAssemblrTM Benchtop Instrument, please see:

About Precision NanoSystems, Inc.

At Precision NanoSystems we are creating innovative tools for the development and manufacture of best-in-class nanoparticles for use as medicines, and in medical research. Our proprietary NanoAssemblr platform enables the simple, rapid, reproducible, and scalable manufacture of next-generation nanoparticle formulations for the targeted delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents to difficult-to-access cells and tissues in the body. We provide instruments, reagents and services to life sciences researchers and build strategic collaborations to revolutionize healthcare through nanotechnology. To join the revolution visit our website.

About the 2013 Controlled Release Society Meeting

The Controlled Release Society (CRS) is the premier society worldwide for delivery science and technology. CRS serves more than 1,600 members from more than 50 countries. Two-thirds of CRS membership represents industry and one-third represents academia and government.  The CRS 2013 Annual meeting, being held in Honolulu, Hawaii from July 21 – 23, 2013, brings together industry and academic leaders in drug delivery.


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