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Martin Rabel Employee Spotlight

Martin Rabel, PhD


At Precision Nanosystems, ULC (PNI), our most valuable asset is our people. It is amazing, passionate individuals like Martin Rabel, PhD, and countless others who make up the fabric of PNI and truly exemplify the vision of the company to help deliver life-saving genetic medicines to help patients.


Let’s get to know Martin.


Martin joined PNI in 2019 after he received his pharmaceutical license, post-graduate diploma and PhD from the Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany. Currently based out of Germany, Martin spends his days as a Senior Field Application Scientist (FAS) supporting clients in central Europe, Middle East, and Africa. in helping clients develop novel nanomedicines using PNI’s microfluidic-based manufacturing and lipid nanoparticle (LNP) gene delivery platform. His expertise spans formulation development, process optimization, to scaleup including GMP manufacturing.


His interest in pharmacy, and how drugs could help make people feel better, started when he was a little kid and led him to pursue his studies in pharmacy, with a focus on drug delivery. “My post-grad studies focused on drug delivery of nanomedicines, and this is where I began to understand their power to impact human health and well-being. Bringing these life-saving therapies to patients is what drives me today and what brought me to PNI because this is our vision here.” For Martin, when asked what superpower he would like to have, healing powers top the list. “What we do at PNI and as a pharmacist is a bit of that ‘superpower’”, he jokes.


Innovative, supportive, and growing”


Martin chose these three words to describe PNI. These words truly embody PNI’s mission to help clients realize the full potential of nanomedicines. Martin is excited for the future and ready to grow alongside PNI. “I think RNA-LNPs will be the next wave of medicinal innovation, moving in a similar trajectory as we have seen with therapeutic proteins and small molecules in the past. As PNI continues to grow, we will be able to better support our clients with our LNP expertise and technology capabilities for clinical development and GMP manufacturing of new medicines.”


Today, it's his passion for nanomedicines and desire to help people that resonates with clients enabling him to be successful as an FAS. One of Martin’s favorite parts of his job is “working with clients to solve their problems by finding the right solution. Ultimately, if our clients are successful with our help, we can cure diseases that have no cure, yet—having an impact or being part of that journey makes the job fulfilling and enjoyable.” In fact, that’s what his role at PNI has in common with his previous occupations—they all focused on working together with clients to help them meet a need or solve problems.


Finding Inspiration


As an FAS, Martin works in the field, helping customers implement PNI’s LNP platform to enable their work and collaborating on projects. Martin also spends time providing training, delivering presentations, and product demonstrations at customer sites and scientific conferences across the globe. One of the most memorable places he’s traveled to is the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Not just because the view is breathtaking, but it also happens to be where Martin proposed to his now wife.


Martin says that he not only enjoys what he does, but that he also loves the people he works with. He’s continually inspired by his colleagues. “Everyone has his/her own battles/challenges to fight, solve and win. Seeing how everyone reacts to different situations inspires me to do the same or gives me perspective to try things differently.” That’ probably why his favorite quote is “Do or do not. There is no try.” —Grandmaster Yoda


Outside of work, Martin and his wife enjoy spending time with family and friends. He’s also recently rediscovered his love of basketball and you can often find him at the local courts brushing up on his skills (which he admits are a bit rusty right now!). Since moving into his new house, Martin has also developed a newfound interest in gardening – “I really like Hortensias and enjoy watching them bloom and grow”.


Martin’s advice to new life sciences grad looking to break into the industry is “Don’t get caught up with the negativity—finding your first job in industry will be hard, but the right job will find you. If you see a job that is interesting, don’t be shy, reach out to people and ask questions—show your passion and be proactive!”