Update: New Web Resources Added

Joining our collection of customer publications, webinars, SOPs and White Papers are new fascinating and informative resources to support nanomedicine research. These include:

  • Publication summaries
  • Demo Videos
  • Webinars


Publication summaries:

To date, the Resources page has hosted abstracts of publications authored by Precision NanoSystems customers with a link to the PubMed or publisher’s page. Often, these publications are deeply technical, so in an effort to make them accessible to a broader audience, Precision NanoSystems staff has summarized the publications to highlight the impact of the research in the broader context of nanomedicine. New summaries are added regularly.


New summaries include:

  • The Cellular Mechanisms of Neuronal Swelling Underlying Cytotoxic Edema. Rungta, R. et al. Cell
  • Protocol for High-Content Screening for the Impact of Overexpressed MicroRNAs on Primary Motor Neurons. Yardeni, T. and Hornstein, E. in Neuromethods (2016).
  • Non-Viral CRISPR/Cas Gene Editing In Vitro and In Vivo Enabled by Synthetic Nanoparticle Co-Delivery of Cas9 mRNA and sgRNA. Miller, j. et al. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017.
  • Cationic switchable lipids: pH-triggered molecular switch for siRNA delivery. Viricel, W. et al. Nanoscale
  • Design of lipid nanoparticles for in vitro and in vivo delivery of plasmid DNA. Kulkarni, J. et al. Nanomed-Nanotechnol. 2017.
  • Intrathecal delivery of frataxin mRNA encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles to dorsal root ganglia as a potential therapeutic for Friedreich’s ataxia. Nabhan, J.F. et al. Rep. 2016.
  • Systemic delivery of factor IX messenger RNA for protein replacement therapy. Ramaswamy, S. et al. Nat. Acad. Sci. 2017,
  • Modified mRNA Vaccines Protect against Zika Virus Infection. Richner, J. et al. Cell


In addition to specific publication summaries, please see our review of 2016 customer publications for view of the latest work from leaders in nanomedicine research.


Demo Videos

See the NanoAssemblr Blaze – the bridge between bench scale and clinical scale nanomedicine production – in action.



Webinars from Precision NanoSystems customers are both informative and engaging. Follow the latest webinars to keep abreast of exciting new developments:

  • Dominik Witzigmann – University of Bassel. “Targeted DNA Therapeutics – Challenges and Opportunities for Hepatic Diseases”. March 16, 2017.
  • Kevin Ou – Senior Manager of Pharmaceutical Operations at Precision NanoSystems. “Scaling Nanoparticle Formulations from Bench to Clinic”. April 27, 2017.